What kinds of Coaching are available?

What kinds of Coaching are available?
  • Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a popular term at the moment in the Corporate world. Executive coaching is for people in Corporate environments seeking personal direction for the path to take in their career and to develop their personal and leadership skills.

  • Life Coaching

We all lose our way at some point and we struggle to navigate our path or know which direction to follow. Life coaching is for anybody in a life crisis, a transition or who needs help in finding their direction.

  • Communications Coaching

 What we mean to say is sometimes not what we actually say, and what we do say is often also not what people hear! So there are three possible points of breakdown. Communication is also about so much more than the spoken word – it incorporates our body language, our tone of voice, the clothes we wear. Speaking also has it’s vital complement… listening! We need to listen for both content and emotion if we are to receive the full spectrum of the message. Communications Coaching helps to improve skills both while speaking and while listening. Good communication is the essential cornerstone of good relationships.

  • Coaching to weight loss

Bernie attended a Martha Beck and Brook Castillo seminar geared towards coaching for Weightloss. This is not about dieting, it is about shifting your thoughts and emotions around food so that dieting becomes superfluous. It employs mindfulness techniques. All children start with healthy emotional attitude to food – they eat when they are hungry and eat what they like. This gets distorted along the way as we grow up. Coaching to Weightloss strives to reconnect a healthy emotional and psychological bond in your approach to food so you can eat what you like and know when to stop. It aims to restore the intuitive relationship between mind and body.

  • Relationship Coaching

Good communication is the essential cornerstone of good relationships. Relationship Coaching incorporates Communications Coaching, but also addresses issues of Assertiveness and how to address conflict in a constructive way. Each relationship has its unique elements, and there is no “one size fits all” solution, but Coaching can for example incorporate elements of Transactional Analysis, and an examination of the “Drama triangle”. The aim is to build respect and tolerance of difference within each relationship.

  • Business Presentation Skills Coaching

This can include:

  • Techniques to use your voice effectively
  • How to deliver a speech
  • Body language
  • Confidence in front of a crowd
  • Getting your message across
  • Style and Image Coaching

Bernie is internationally trained in Colour Me Beautiful Style and Image. Your personal appearance is an important part of your personal brand. It is unspoken communication upon your arrival – your image communicates so much about who you are. A great confidence booster – to change or tweak your image can be very helpful.

  • Enneagram Personality Profiling

EPP uses the principles of the Enneagram personality profile to better understand yourself , your needs and style of interaction. It is a very powerful tool for establishing the direction that coaching should take. It also offers positive pointers for stress release and appropriate increase of ‘stress’ – to beef up motivation where it is lacking.