Part 5 of a series on weight loss – The worst kind of eating: don’t let yourself do this!

Part 5 of a series on weight loss – The worst kind of eating: don’t let yourself do this!

I’m not speaking about people who have genuine and deeply psychological eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia. I’m referring to people who have a mildly dysfunctional relationship with food caused by the diet industry and the messages we get from the media about the shoulds and musts of eating.

If you were to ask most of these people what the worst kind of eating is, they would probably speak about binge eating – you know, the classic Hollywood scene of the girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend: cut to a week later, and the apartment is littered with pizza boxes, ice-cream containers and chocolate wrappers as she soothes her misery with food. We’ve all been there and done that. Be gentle with yourself.. This is not the most iniquitous form of eating. If you find yourself here, take note of the storm you are in, notice what you’re doing, and treat yourself compassionately. Once the storm is over, your equilibrium will return and those kilograms you picked up will drop off once more.

No. The most iniquitous form of eating, the form that packs on kilograms silently over the years, is unconscious eating. When you sit in front of the TV with that jumbo packet of crisps on your lap, and when you next look, the bag is empty and you don’t even remember what they tasted like, because you were so engrossed in the movie. The eating on automatic pilot. It has traumatised your body yet not nourished your soul.

By all means eat crisps. But tune in while you eat them. Taste and enjoy every bite. Truly feed your emotions while you eat. Tune into your body and your soul. Be curious: at what point are your body and soul satisfied? At what point don’t you need any more?

Then stop.

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