Why do I need Coaching / How will it benefit me?

We all go through challenging periods in our lives which may leave us feeling confused or overwhelmed, both professionally and personally. Challenges can be either positive or negative – both are stressful. We want to make the best choices for ourselves going forward, but what these are, is not always clear. Coaching assists us with clarifying our options and our obstacles and helps us to identify opportunities that we may not be aware of in the confusion we find ourselves in. In teasing out the situation with the assistance of a Coach, very often we become aware of hidden complicating factors which are preventing us from moving forward, and by increasing our awareness, we frequently have an a-ha moment which allows us to view our situation from a completely new perspective. Coaching is a very powerful means with which to transform our lives for the better.

Primary Transitions:

Reaching maturity in our late twenties, we may want to clarify and refine the direction we want our lives and careers to take, and to work out the best means to achieve these.

Switching careers or home towns are often sources of stress as well as opportunities to tweek our life paths.

Changes of marital status (marriage, divorce, bereavement) often result in a change of Identity and how we view ourselves.  If we are feeling lost or confused, Coaching can assist us in re-establishing our sense of Self.

Often in our forties we want to re-evaluate our life path and implement changes if we feel there are aspects of our lives that are not optimal.

Changes to our family structure (birth of children, children leaving home, care of aged parents) are stressful periods of life which Coaching can support and help alleviate.

Changes in our work identities (promotions, new tasks and designations, retrenchment or retirement) may leave us feeling off balance. Coaching can help us find our direction once more.

Throughout our lives and not just at times of transition, problems in relationships with peers and family can be greatly assisted with Coaching.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is not Psychotherapy in that it deals with the here and now and, other than needing a context, not the past or our childhood wounds.

Very often our thoughts determine our emotions and thus our behaviours, and then our habits, and these determine our relationships. Coaching examines our perceptions of our situation and challenges whether this is the only way of looking at the circumstances.  It seeks out new points of view which may be helpful. Once the client shifts the perception that is causing them to feel stuck, and identifies the most positive way forward, Coaching offers practical ways to achieve the new goals. There is homework to be done between sessions.

Integral Coaching requires us to become self-aware and to develop new ways of being. Self-observations are an important part of noticing how we react and respond in particular situations. Cultivating new habits through Practices that then lead us to success, will also be part of the tasks of Coaching.

How long are sessions and how often are they held?

Sessions are an hour long and are usually held every two weeks.  Clients usually need between 6 and 8 sessions for meaningful progress.

Are the sessions private?

Absolute privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed – no personal and private information will be shared with your employer or any other person.

Where is coaching held?

Bernie Jacobs coaches from a session room off Main Road in Kenilworth. She is also available to travel to the client’s own premises, but travelling time and costs will be billed for.  For corporate clients offering a minimum of three back to back sessions with clients, this will be negotiable.

What Coaching qualifications does Bernie have?

Most of Bernie’s tertiary education has taken place at the University of Cape Town. She has a BA in English, Drama, Geography and Mathematics, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, and a three year Performers Diploma in Speech and Drama (Bilingual). She also returned to university as a mature student to study Psychology to Honours level, while also qualifying as a LifeLine counselor.  She achieved First Class Passes throughout her three Psychology undergraduate courses. At the Centre for Coaching at the Graduate School of Business (UCT), she has completed the CTE, ACC and the PCC.  She has also attended the Martha Beck “Weight Loss for Smart Women” Coaching Course in Arizona, USA, and has an International qualification in Style and Image from the Colour Me Beautiful Academy.

Why choose Compass Coaching Solutions?

Bernie Jacobs offers a Coaching service to clients that is professional, academically grounded, confidential, empathic, and results orientated.  Bernie’s life experience in Communications, Journalism, Drama, Psychology, Fashion and Business, position her uniquely to understand the needs of her clients and to find practical solutions to put them back on course to their best destination.

How do I book a session?

Contact Bernie on 083 632 0429

Email: bernie@cocosol.co.za