Corporate Solutions

Benefits of HypnoCoaching in the Workplace

Here are some ways in which Coaching, Hypnotherapy or HypnoCoaching can support professional growth:

Hypnocoaching for businesses

Using either Coaching, Hypnotherapy or HypnoCoaching, Bernie provides executives and employees with powerful tools and techniques to improve performance, boost motivation, manage stress, and achieve a healthy work-life balance. Areas of focus include:

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Sales and Marketing Optimisation
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Talent Development and Employee Engagement
  • Thriving in High-Stress Environments
  • Empowering Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
  • Boosting Creativity and Innovation


We work with companies in three ways:

With Key members of staff

With key members of staff, we work one on one.

We offer:

This can be further enhanced by including a very powerful Coaching tool, the Enneagram Personality test which shines a powerful light on our motivations and behaviours, and offers solutions.


With Teams

For teams, we offer:

This can also be further enhanced by including an Enneagram Teams test, which maps out complex interrelationships in teams and shows directions for the optimisation of team dynamics.


With Corporate Groups

For larger corporate groups, we offer Corporate Communications Workshops.
These can make an immense difference to operational efficiency, morale and corporate culture.


“Unleash your capabilities with Corporate Communications Workshops – Ignite transformation and growth today!”


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