Making Music Out Of Life.

Reading an old but pertinent article in Vanity Fair on Greece’s economic woes*, I saw the following idea: The smart person accepts; the idiot insists. This got me thinking about the concept of flow, and just how draining resistance is. In his psychological philosophy Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Albert Ellis takes this idea further whencontinue reading

Anthem – Sadness and Regret

A friend of mine in her fifties wrote to me with sadness about how she felt she had not reached her potential nor achieved the life she had imagined for herself when she felt so powerful at the age of 22. She said, “I think I was really smart!!! My life has been a mess!continue reading

The Stories we tell Ourselves

Death is preferable to public speaking for many people.Public speaker, Robin Banks tells the story of a woman he met who when she heard what he does for a living, proclaimed that she could never do what he does. When she was little and had to give her first formal speech in class, she driedcontinue reading


The other day, I met a man in his sixties, who left his wife and family over twenty years ago when he inadvertently fell in love with another woman. What made it even more of a betrayal for his ex-wife was that the new couple also decided to have a child together. He has beencontinue reading