At what time of Life do people come for Coaching?

At what time of Life do people come for Coaching?
  1. Challenges can present at any time of life, but frequently happen at times of transition.

Primary Transitions:

  • Reaching maturity in our late twenties, we may want to clarify and refine the direction we want our lives and careers to take, and to work out the best means to achieve these.
  • Switching careers or home towns are often sources of stress as well as opportunities to tweak our life paths.
  • Changes of marital status (marriage, divorce, bereavement) often result in a change of Identity and how we view ourselves. If we are feeling lost or confused, Coaching can assist us in re-establishing our sense of Self.
  • Often in our forties we want to re-evaluate our life path and implement changes if we feel there are aspects of our lives that are not optimal.
  • Changes to our family structure (birth of children, children leaving home, care of aged parents) are stressful periods of life which Coaching can support and help alleviate.
  • Changes in our work identities (promotions, new tasks and designations, retrenchment or retirement) may leave us feeling off balance. Coaching can help us find our direction once more.
  1. Throughout our lives, and not just at times of transition, problems in relationships with peers and family can be greatly assisted with Coaching.