Who is Bernie Jacobs Gordon?

Bernie offers a uniquely integrated service, built on the strength of four separate strands woven together to create a distinctive lifeline for her clients.

The first strand encompasses her most recent qualification as a hypnotherapist, which was inspired by her own experience of the transformative power of this discipline.

The second strand stems from Bernie’s rich and varied life experiences, which empower her work as a life coach. She has a profound understanding of human suffering and a genuine desire to alleviate it in others.

The third strand is her degree in psychology.

Adding to the strength of the woven rope, there is a fourth strand represented by Bernie’s training as an actor. Throughout her acting career, she developed a fascination with the unspoken motivations that drive people in society, those that lie beneath the words.

This skill translates into her coaching approach, where she serves as an empathetic listener, helping clients gain deeper insights into themselves.

Finally, there is a golden thread that runs through all of Bernie’s endeavours. She is a highly skilled communicator, adept at discerning subtle, nuanced human interactions and presenting them to her clients in a clear and relatable manner.

“We sow the seeds of positive change in all aspects of your life, reducing stress and anxiety, building confidence, preventing burnout, shifting harmful life choices and so much more.!

Education & Certifications


  • CHT (non-medical) (Certified Hypnotherapist) (SAIH)
  • CPTF (Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator) (SAIH)
  • Resource Strategist With Individuals and Groups (SAIH)
  • CHP (Conversational Hypnotherapy) (SAIH)
  • CB with Genesis (qualification in Compulsive Behaviour, specialising in smoking cessation) (SAIH)


  • Psychology studies from scratch to Honours level (UCT)

  • Studied the psychology of C.G. Jung, graduating from the Master Class (The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, University of Pretoria)


  • BA in English, Drama, Geography and Mathematics (UCT)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (UCT)
  • Performers Diploma in Speech and Drama (Bilingual) (UCT)


  • Coaching to Excellence, through the Centre for Coaching (UCT Graduate School of Business) Hypnotherapist, pending) (SAIH)

  • 6-month Associate Coaching Course, through the Centre for Coaching (UCT Graduate School of Business)

  • Year-long Professional Coaching Course, through the Centre for Coaching (UCT Graduate School of Business and New Ventures West, San Francisco)


  • Accredited Enneagram Practitioner (Integrative Enneagram Solutions)

Certifications and Credentials

  • Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified SAIH Member
  • Certified IMDHA Member
  • International Enneagram Association

Client Testimonials

LL Bruce

I have used the services of Bernie Jacobs Gordon twice to train two groups of
customer services officials in Professionalism and Communication in the Workplace.

The delegates found the course to be exciting, enriching, stimulating and enjoyable while adding improved ways of dealing with heavy workloads and abusive clients atthe same time. They felt the course zeroed in on what they do on a daily basis andwas relevant to such an extent that I recommend all WCED staff to attend similar training sessions to enhance professional behaviour in the workplace and use the training as a for of team building and stress relief. I have noticed a favourable shift in the attitudes and behaviours of the delegates as a result of the course and would not hesitate to use Bernie’s services again in future.

Liam Michel

Wow, Bernie! I want to tell you (and the world) how amazing you are. Having
previously had “incurable”, continuous, irksome ringing sounds in both my ears – I’m cured! Those sounds are now completely gone – from just one Hypnotherapy session with you.

Marzet Pieterse

What a lovely experience! I felt so comfortable and safe. Bernie has such a kind, gentle, non-judgemental approach and I would recommend her over and over again. Thank you SO much for everything, I will definitely be back soon!

Linda Steele

I’ve been to Bernie for a few sessions now and she is excellent. She is highly
empathetic and creates a very safe and comfortable space. She helped me identify
and address some deep-seated issues and I am delighted with the results.

Luzette Watson

Working with Bernie Jacobs Gordon has been a transformative experience. I felt
safe and comfortable during all our sessions together. I have experienced positivechanges in my life and am amazed at how quickly I have made progress. I highly recommend Bernie to anyone who needs to create and achieve new goals in their life and reach their full potential. Thank you Bernie for your help and support.