“Helping you Navigate the Journey of Life.”

At times in our life we often feel that we are a ship that has been tossed around on stormy seas, battered by the waves and blown off course. We struggle to navigate our path or know which course to follow. We all lose our way at some point in Life’s journey.

If you find yourself at a difficult stage, in a family transition or going through a change of status or career, or simply just feel that your life is stale and you need to change direction, then you are needing to chart a new course in your life. But all change requires an understanding of where you are, where you need to be going, and a plan of how to get there.

Compass Coaching offers you just that: our simple 3 phase Solutions programme helps you find True North using your own life compass and navigation tools

We join you in the current storm, helping you to find calm waters and get your life ship shape, then map out a new destination and the best route to follow. Finally, we journey with you assisting you to use your new navigation tools to captain your ship.

Bernie Jacobs Gordon offers a Coaching service to clients that is professional, academically grounded, confidential, empathic, and results orientated. Bernie’s life experience in Communications, Journalism, Drama, Psychology, Fashion and Business, position her uniquely to understand the needs of her clients and to find practical solutions to put them back on course to their best destination.


Finding Your Compass

As you emerge from a storm in your life, you will need to assess any damage, repair where required, adjust to your new settings and learn how to navigate a new course. Together, we weather this storm to assist you to do this and to find your own Compass.

Plotting your Course

Whether you have just come through a storm or simply find yourself adrift on the sea of Life and needing to set a new destination and heading, we will help you find that focus, balance and a desired outcome. Together we can then chart this course giving you a new Compass heading to follow in Life.

Navigating your Route

Having a desired destination is the first step in setting sail across the ocean of Life. But knowing how to adjust to the winds and sea currents requires constant management and communication. We will assist you to be a well-equipped Captain, having the confidence, focus and wisdom to steer your ship around potential hazzards.


We offer a range of tailored workshops, talks and interventions for groups or teams steered according to your desired outcomes or presenting issues.